We are a company established in 1999 in Istanbul in order to meet the sectoral needs in the best way and to spread the domestic production.Thanks to the added value we have added to our socks sector since our establishment, we have progressed with each passing day and carried our roots with our quality difference.

We have always been able to provide service with the principle of "local and quality products" and we have always been able to translate our journey from the very first day of production. The production of children's, men's and women's socks is a professional team work that carries the excitement of doing their jobs well and at every stage of production, which makes us always open to dynamic and innovative.

We are a company that has always received positive feedbacks from our customers because we always follow the innovations in our field with our R&D studies and we have a structure that reflects our deficiencies and this keeps us up with technology. We have always been right in our work with our production and customer satisfaction focused and listening to the voice of the sector and our success has been riveted every passing day.

“In short, Socks; first it took the name of the yarn and entered the factory with a timid expression. Later, was touched, ironed, checked, packed and finally arrived at your feed. “

We are happy to offer this service to you...

Industry domination since 1999

25 years of international experience

100% customer focused production

Focused on the solution oriented to the need

The mission of bringing the market to quality products